Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Dr Seuss

While I was pregnant, Adam had some baby hats, diaper covers & booties crochet for us. We didn't know the gender of the baby (yes, we were those people!) & so they all had to be gender neutral. 

Adam surprised me with a few extras before our baby shower that I adore.  This was one of them.
 Side note: The nursery is Dr Seuss. I absolutely love the nursery & it is my favorite room in our house! Owen seems to love it too! 

How cute are they that they're Dr Seuss?! The model is pretty adorable himself! 

Love those rolls & chubby thighs! 

 I had to add this one just because I love his facial expression & the way he's sitting.

And this is what he thought of the whole photo shoot & having to put on the hat & bow tie. "Really, mom?!"

Unfortunately, Owen's head has always been on the big side, so he didn't fit into some of the hats made. They are being tucked away for the next baby! 

Love our little Dr. Seuss. 

PS: I'm so saving these pictures for his future girlfriends! Isn't that my right as a mom?!

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