Monday, October 7, 2013

11 months


ELEVEN. ELEVEN. This means one more month until your ONE. Goodness gracious, this throws momma into panic attack. Where did the time go?

Sleep.. it's, for the most part, the same… which is great! Some nights, you wake up at 4:30, but after letting you cry for a minute or so, you fall right back asleep. Nine out of ten nights though, you sleep from 8 to 6 or 6:30. Every night, we do the same thing… bath, pajamas, bottle, bed. We put you down awake but groggy & you go sleep on your own. You are so ready to get into that bed & start pushing off of us to get in it as soon we get into your room. Your naps are still touch & go, but for the most part, you take 2 30 minutes to 1 hour naps/day. You will occasionally take a late afternoon nap if need be, but for the most part, you only take 2 naps. Naps are usually not a problem, but sometimes, you fight it & eventually go to sleep. Your sleeping has changed SO much over the past few months & momma is so thankful! Keep it up buddy!

Your personality is one-of-a-kind & I absolutely adore it. You are lovable, hilarious (you get it from daddy!), sweet, & even feisty at times. You're learning to throw pretty big tantrums, with arching your back & throwing your head back. I'm not going to pretend sometimes we don't laugh at them though. You are starting to act more like a toddler & less like a baby though. You even look bigger! You're starting to stand for up to 10 seconds at a time… you tend to do this when you don't realize you're holding onto something. As soon as you realize you're standing, you lose your balance & fall down. Silly boy! You love your walker & walk-behind toy & I'm guessing you'll be walking before we know it.

(Melaina's Magical Playland photo overload!)

Boy, do you love to make messes & get into everything. We have to shut all the doors & "lock" you in the living room so you don't get into dog food or any other crazy shenanigans that you tend to find. You love to flap your arms & laugh. Your laugh is so contagious & you know that you are funny! You do this cute little cough/laugh/nose crinkling & it cracks us up every single time. You say "dada" & "momma". You will "carry" a conversation with us.. if you say "Ma!" or "Da" & we repeat it back.. you will repeat it back to us. This continues for a few minutes until you start laughing.

You still absolutely adore your bath & it's part of a nighttime routine. You will splash & splash & make a complete mess. Oh well!

You wear a size 4 diaper. You're in 12 month clothing for the most part but can still fit into your 9 month shorts (they may be a little snug though!). You even fit into some 18 month clothing.

(first pair of "big boy" pajamas!)

Your eating habits vary, but for the most part you eat 3 meals + 1-2 snacks/day. You are not picky at all & will eat pretty much anything we put in front of you whether it's purees or table food. Along with the meals, you eat 4-6 ounces of formula every 3 hours, or with meals. If with meals, it's 4 ounces.. if it's in between meals, you eat 6 ounces. I can't believe we're almost to the point of starting whole milk! Where has my baby gone?!

Wt: 22 pounds 10 ounces 

You are growing up right before our eyes. You amaze me each & every day. I am so blessed to be your momma. We love you forever & always, mister!