Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Back to reality

Today, my maternity leave ends. Before Owen, me & Adam used to take vacations quite frequently. I thought going back after having almost 2 weeks off was hard. Now? Add having a baby + 12 weeks to enjoy his squishy face, & 2 weeks was nothing. 

As I sat in the nursery yesterday morning rocking Owen to sleep, I thought of how lucky that God trusted me & Adam to raise this little man. Every day I'm thankful that he is here, he is ours, he is so absolutely perfect. 

It's amazing as soon as you see two lines pop up on that test, how you fall in love instantly. You don't know this little person growing inside of you. You don't know if it's a he or a she. Or if it will have your blue eyes or his dirty blonde hair. All you know is that this baby that's growing inside of you is perfect in every way imaginable & you would do anything to keep it from harm. 

Today, as I'm helping bring new babies into this world, I will think of where I was 12 weeks ago… meeting my blue-eyed, blonde hair baby boy for the very first time. 

And I thought 2 weeks flew by… 

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