Sunday, February 17, 2013

A Day In The Life

I've been wanting to do this just to keep a documentation of our routine with a 3 month old. So here it goes:

Owen is 13 weeks old  & 1 day shy of being 3 months old - this was done on Wednesday, February 6th, 2013

3:34am. Owen starts stirring in the cradle. He last ate at 10:00 & went to bed around 10:20, so I know he's hungry. I groggily get up, put his paci in his mouth hoping to quiet him for a few minutes while I get his bottle. I go to the kitchen & make his bottle. I go back to the room & he's quietly sleeping with no indication of getting up soon. Did I imagine him stirring? I realize I'm starving, so I go back to the kitchen & try to talk myself out of eating something. After I fail with that, I grab a Snickers Brownie Bite & a banana & scarf it down. After going back to the bedroom & realizing that Owen might sleep for a while longer, I put his bottle in the refrigerator & crawl back into bed & try to fall asleep.

3:49am. Owen is stirring again & I decide just to get him up. I grab my phone & take him to the nursery. He takes his bottle without opening his eyes. I play on my phone while feeding him while noting in my head that I really need to stop playing on it while he's eating & take in every moment. 

(please excuse how dark this picture is.. I'm not about to turn the light on & wake the baby up)

4:10am. Owen is completely out & I put him carefully in his cradle. Crawl back into bed.  Hoping he stays asleep until 7:30 or 8. 

5:32am. Owen is stirring. Again. I get up out of bed thinking it's time to get up, but quickly realize that Adam is still in bed (it's his late shift at work), meaning it's before 8am. I pop the paci in his mouth, hoping it quiets him. He quickly calms down. He can't already be hungry again. I crawl back into bed & quickly fall asleep. 

7:11am. Owen is waking up. I'm exhausted. Mama didn't go bed until a little after 11. I really need to start going to bed earlier. Don't we all think that though in the morning? I grab Owen & put him in bed with us (side note: I very rarely do this). We both fall asleep.

8:15 am. Adam must of gotten up out of bed sometime because he's no longer beside us. Owen is starting to get restless. I put the paci in his mouth & he is groggy & trying to wake up. Juno is on 1 side of me, & Owen on the other. I see Adam taking a picture of us from the door. Ha! 

8:23am. We come out to the living room & I feed Owen. Adam is on the phone trying to call about a few things with buying land. We would so love to get out of this house!

8:48am.  Owen is finished eating & I take him to the nursery to change his diaper. He is in a super happy mood & is smiling like crazy. I love how happy he is in the morning! I note all the things that I need to do today & try to make a game plan for the day.

8:55am. I bring Owen out to the living room & put him in his swing. I go & make my breakfast (peanut butter chocolate protein shake) & my coffee. We all kiss daddy good-bye & he's off to work for the day. I throw in some laundry so I can actually have clean jeans to wear today. ha! :) 

9:10am. I take Owen out of the swing as he's starting to whimper. I put him on a blanket with his toys on the floor. I grab my coffee & protein shake & get on the floor with him. We do tummy time & play.

9:33am. Owen is starting to get fussy & seems to be tired (already?). I take him to our room (where his cradle is) & lay him down. He wants nothing to do with going to sleep. It's going to be one of these days? I put on white noise (his favorite - water running/rain). Doesn't work. I grab him & take him to the nursery to rock. He lays his head down on my chest & we rock. I love these moments. 

9:41am. He is fast asleep on my chest. That didn't take as long as what I thought! He's been restless though lately when we lay him down & so I'm holding my breath that he gets a good nap in before we head to do errands. I lay him down in his crib, pat his butt, & he seems to be completely out. I go to the kitchen to switch out laundry & clean up my mess from this morning. I pour myself another cup of coffee. As I'm doing this, I hear Owen on the video monitor stirring. Buddy, don't fight sleep! I go in & pat his butt & he goes back to sleep.

10:05am. I come out to the living room with my (now cold) coffee, & sit down to start writing this blog post. I really need to hop in the shower but I want to make sure that he's really out before deciding to do that. 

10:50. Owen is up. Where did the time go? I keep him in his crib & turn the mobile on. I wonder if I can get a shower in with him in his crib. I usually put him in the bouncy seat & bring him in the bathroom with me. He's been loving his crib though lately. I guess we can try! 

11:00am. Out of the shower! It worked & he was happy when I went to get him out of the crib. I change his diaper & he begins crying. I come out to the living room & make a bottle. It hasn't been quite 3 hours yet, which is when he usually eats, but he is acting hungry. Dryer goes off telling me my first load of laundry is done. There is no time to fold so I turn it back on for 20 minutes.

11:15am. Bottle time! He chugs his bottle & acts like he hasn't ever ate. He is much happier after eating. I put him in his bouncy seat & blow dry my hair. While finishing, the dryer goes off. I go & grab the laundry, bring Owen into the bedroom with me, & fold laundry.  He is smiling at me the entire time & is mesmerized by me folding laundry. Whatever works, right? As soon as I'm done though, I go put Owen into his crib & turn his mobile on because I know that he will start fussing if in the bouncy seat for too long. While he's playing, I finish getting ready. After getting ready, I grab Owen, change his clothes & wipe him down. I then realize that I forgot my K'Tan in Adam's truck. Dangit! I'm going to need that while shopping. I text him & we make arrangements for me to get it. 

(excuse the dirty mirror)

12:05m. I let Juno out before we leave, pack the diaper bag, & start the car (I love keyless start!). 

12:15pm Juno is inside with a treat, Owen's in the car seat, & the diaper bag is already in the car. Out the door. Finally! 

12:27pm. Pull into Logan's parking lot to grab the wrap (where Adam is having lunch). Owen is whimpering in the backseat so I have to hurry.

12:34pm. Pull into Target parking lot. Owen is full on bawling right now & I feel horrible. I pull into a parking spot as soon as possible, run to his car seat & grab him & snuggle. He is fine as soon as I get him out. I put him in the K'Tan, grab the diaper bag, & head into Target. Owen is awake but drowsy but not making a peep. We start shopping & Owen is out within 10 minutes of being there. We only have a few things to get, so it doesn't take long to shop. I'm trying to waste time though because he's finally sleeping well. We finish shopping & as I'm in the checkout line, a woman says "Awe, do you know you have a baby in there?" (as she's pointing to Owen). Really?! No, I didn't!! People are weird. Grab a Starbucks coffee in Target. Skinny Vanilla Latte. Yum.

1:11pm. Head out to the car & wake Owen up as I'm putting him in the car seat. Dangit. Head to Panera to pick up some lunch for me as I'm starving, then to Schnucks to pick up a prescription. Head home after that & Owen starts crying on & off about 5 minutes before we get home. I'm shhhing him & try to calm him as I'm driving. This is when it would be handy to have someone back there with him. Poor guy. I hate hearing him cry. 

1:48pm. Home at last. Run to Owen's car seat (again) & take him inside. Take him out of his car seat & put him on the blanket with his toys. I then go back & unload the bags & lunch & then let Juno out. Come back in & go to change his diaper. After changing him, into the swing he goes. Let Juno back in. (ugh, enough running). I eat lunch while talking to Owen. About 3/4 way through, he starts crying. I don't know why he's so fussy today! He needs a good nap. I sit him on my lap & finish eating. Oh, the joys of motherhood. I then take him into his room & take some 3 month pictures (see previous post). How is he already this old?

2:21pm. I grab a bottle & start feeding Owen. Again with the acting like he hasn't ever ate. He's clearly not fed. ha! 

2:39pm. Finished! Off to the nursery to change his diaper (again). He's in a good mood, so I take him back out to the living room & take some more 3 month pictures. He's smiling & "talking" but I can't seem to catch it on camera. 

3:00pm Owen starts yawning, so I go & rock him in his room. He's not liking that, so I take him to the cradle, & put him down for a nap. He quickly goes down. I run & finish unloading the groceries, wash the bottles, throw the laundry in the dryer, & clean the kitchen. 

3:20pm. I sit down & start updating this post again. 

3:30pm. Owen starts waking up. Go & pop the paci back in his mouth, pat his butt a few times, & he's out again.  

4:50pm. My niece, Zoa, arrives to hang out with us. 

5:00pm. Owen wakes up after me having to go in to pat his butt multiple times. He wakes up smily though!

5:10pm. Make his bottle & start feeding him. He is playing with the bottle & is no longer acting like he's hungry. He leaves about 1/2 ounce in the bottle. Not like him!

5:30pm. Diaper change & back to the blanket to play with Zoa. He is "talking" to her. Zoa loves playing with him!

5:47pm. I start getting things cleaned up & get Owen in his car seat. I then pack Owen & Zoa up to go to Girl Scouts. I drive by the place where Girl Scouts is & it's pitch black. We then go to grab a soda & the mail, then make a big circle & go back by the place, & cars are starting to arrive. I drop Zoa & off head back home. 

6:02pm. I arrive back home. I take Owen & put him in his crib, turn on his mobile, & talk  to him. I start cleaning out his clothes that no longer fit (sigh.. again, how is he this old?). Owen is "talking" & smily.  He then starts to get restless & acts tired. 

6:29pm. I pick up Owen from his crib & start rocking him. He falls asleep quickly. I sit there & cuddle with him. 

7:00pm. I put Owen down in his crib to nap & grab the video monitor. I head to the kitchen to start dinner. I'm doing pizza won ton cups. Yum!

7:30pm. Owen starts stirring so I go put his paci back in his mouth, pat his butt, & he's asleep again.

7:47pm. Adam's home! Owen starts waking up as soon as we're getting ready to sit down to eat dinner. Doesn't that always happen though? Adam picks Owen up & changes his diaper while I eat dinner. I finish, grab Owen, & Adam eats. After Adam is done, I clean up the dishes & get coffee ready for in the morning, 

8:11pm. Owen is acting hungry so it's bottle time. After eating, we both get on the floor to play. We realize Owen needs his diaper changed, so we go to the nursery to for that & change his clothes. We then get his height & weight for his 3 month post. Back to the living room to play. Me & Adam watch Pretty Little Liars. (& yes, Owen loves TV but no, we usually don't let him watch it)

9:29pm. I realize what time it is so I go & start laying out clothes for me for the rest of the week. I grab Owen & put him in his cradle & start patting his butt. He's out within minutes. 

9:42pm. I go back to the living room & start making notes for this post. I start my bedtime routine & wash my face. 

10:22pm. I'm exhausted yet don't go to bed. Why do I do this to myself? I finally crawl into bed, play on my phone, then lights out. 

(PS.. I realize I just decided not to take many pictures after 3:20 ha!)


H_OPolka said...

This is hilarious. Kind of sounds like one of my days. Always something to do and never enough time to catch up on it.

Whitney @ I'm Lovin This Life said...

Exactly!! Life with a baby, right?